Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dems back on the ballot?

Can they do this? I guess so. MIRS is reporting that the Senate put the Fleeing Four- Biden, Obama, Richardson and Edwards, back on the Jan. 15th primary ballot, and put the language of the voter lists in a separate bill. 

The fix also would allow, at the request of the major party chairs, Secretary of State Terri Lynn LAND to remove candidates who have dropped out of the race. Under the old law, such candidates including Kansas U.S. Sen. Sam BROWNBACK, had to remain on the ballot. The model of adding and removing candidates is based on a model in use in the State of Florida.

House may vote on this tonight. The House may also vote on the repeal/replace of the service tax, which passed out of committee earlier today. This one comes from Gongwer-

On a 11-2-3 vote, the House Tax Policy Committee has approved a bill placing

32.9 percent surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax in 2008 in exchange for repealing the service tax before it begins December 1.

Although the Legislature is under the gun to deal with the service tax quickly so businesses can avoid implementation costs, it was not immediately clear after the committee vote whether the House still plans to vote on the bill later in the day, the last scheduled session day before a two-week break. The Senate would not be able to take up the measure if it chose to until five days after the House acts.

All I know is Rick Albin was on at 6, looking like someone had taken away his puppy, and telling us that he had to spend yet another long night in Lansing, you big meanies you.

I'm going to watch Al Gore on 30 Rock and I'll catch up with this in the morning. Good luck everyone!