Monday, November 26, 2007

GR Mayor Heartwell has a question for the GOP contenders

Or should that be pretenders? Ha ha. Ha. Not funny.

This Wednesday is the CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Those of you with strong stomachs should tune it and let us know how it goes- I'm pretty sure there is a "Scrubs" marathon on somewhere and I don't want to miss that.

Anyway, here is Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell's question for the GOP-

Hello America, my name is George Heartwell, I'm the mayor of Grand Rapids Michigan, located in the Great Lakes region. Some call it the Rust Belt because we're moving too slowly from the industrial era to the digital age. The federal Great Lakes Restoration Act would help accelerate this transition, by launching a full scale clean up of our unique waterways, putting tens of thousands of people to work in jobs like fixing sewers, restoring wetlands, and building cities equipped to compete globally. As president, would you support fully funding this plan to restore America's Great Lakes?

In 2007, Carl Levin, with a boatload of cosponsors, introduced the Great Lakes Collaboration Implementation Act of 2007 which addresses the restoration of the Great Lakes. Even Vern Ehlers likes it!

Well, would they support it? Tune in to find out if they even answer the question.

Mayor Heartwell sat out in a canoe in the rain to film this- the least I can do is show him a little love here. :-)