Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Granholm creates Michigan Climate Action Council

Executive orders are fun. From tonight's MIRS-

Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM late today announced that she's signed an executive order dealing with climate change and global warming in Michigan.

By executive order, the Governor created a Michigan Climate Action Council to develop a plan for the state to deal with climate change. The plan will provide state leaders with recommendations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

Tomorrow Granholm travels to Wisconsin to the Midwestern Governors Association meeting where they will discuss a regional platform for "energy security and climate stewardship". They will probably have a nice lunch, too.

More on the council-

The Michigan Climate Action Council will be comprised of 35 representatives from public interest groups, environmental organizations, utilities, the manufacturing sector and other key industries, universities, and state and local government. The council will compile an inventory and forecast of greenhouse gas emissions in Michigan and produce a plan for reducing those gasses.

An interim report on policy recommendations is due by the end of next March, with a final, detailed report due by the end of next year.

Sounds like a plan- and here's another very ambitious plan-

The executive directive issued by Governor Granholm will require a 10 percent reduction in energy use by the end of 2008. As part of the directive, the state will - wherever feasible - increase use of alternative fuels in its fleet of vehicles; develop a materials management plan to ensure environmentally sound purchasing, use, reuse and recycling of materials by state departments; and ensure that new state owned or leased buildings meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The state will also reduce its electrical energy purchases by 20 percent by 2015.

To help the state reduce its electrical consumption, Senate Republicans have been instructed to stop using lights and microphones at their press conferences; instead, it is suggested that they hold up candles and just shout at the reporters.

Matt Marsden could not be reached for comment.

Oh, wait... I'm told that last paragraph is NOT part of the executive directive.

BFM regrets the error.

State newswire story here.