Friday, November 30, 2007

House coming back tonight?

(UPDATE 8:30 PM: All quiet on the news front, but I can tell you that they are still in Lansing- they are hitting this blog. Maybe something will get settled tonight...)

Look! It's Friday! And here comes an agreement! Maybe!

So, disregard all speculation below (but certainly keep it in mind for future reference), this now breaking on MIRS-

In the mad scramble to find a way to stop the state's six-cent sales tax from being spread to a variety of allegedly non-essential services in roughly 12 hours, lawmakers and the executive office are exploring several possibilities this morning, including the House reversing course and calling a special session for 6 p.m.

Asked about the seriousness of lawmakers and Granholm to find an alternative to the service tax before midnight that all sides agree to, Bishop said, "We wouldn't be here with a snowstorm coming if we're not making progress."

Bishop still finds a way to whine.

Disregarding the MIRS bias - adding the words "allegedly non-essential" to the description of services and suggesting that it's the House that has to "reverse course" - perhaps this will get done after all.

But what will Brooks do next year? Won't someone think of Patterson?

I have some nice brochures of Florida. Maybe I'll send them along. (And I readily admit my bias. Deal with it.)