Thursday, December 20, 2007

House Democrats Wrap Up 2007

From the House Democrats release:

"While there is no doubt that 2007 was a tough year, the policies driven by House Democrats have made Michigan a great place to live, work and raise our families," Dillon said. "One of our greatest accomplishments was making great strides toward resolving Michigan's structural deficit that has kept our state locked in a cycle of deficit for years. This will be critical to getting Michigan back on track and headed in the right direction."

Some of House Democrats top accomplishments in 2007 include:

· Cutting more than $430 million from the state budget.

· Passing legislative reforms that included cutting salaries for lawmakers; ending lifetime healthcare benefits; and sweeping ethics reforms, including requiring financial disclosure for elected officials.

· Creating the new Michigan Business Tax, which rewards investment, promotes job creation and slashes the Personal Property Tax.

· Fighting the foreclosure epidemic that is hurting our communities.

· Voting to allow Michigan residents to hold drug companies liable if their products cause harm.

· Passing a tough anti-trash plan that will stop the flood of garbage from Canada and other states into Michigan's landfills.

· Creating Promise Zones which will ensure access to college for thousands of Michigan residents.

"We're heading into 2008 primed and ready to fight for the people of Michigan to create brighter future here in Michigan," Dillon said. "House Democrats will work to restore our residents' trust in state government. We will fight to grow our economy and boost our residents' confidence. And, most importantly, we will work to create more good-paying jobs for our workers. House Democrats are focused on moving Michigan forward to become a powerhouse in the 21st century."

First of all- thanks for the picture!

Second - time to revisit that list of Senate Republican obstruction.

Pretty obvious to see who is working for the people of Michigan when you compare...