Thursday, January 03, 2008

DeVos Watch: Dick Needs a Heliport

Ada Township needs to decide whether or not helicopters would be a nuisance to residents and school children.

Planning commissioners are considering whether to establish regulations to allow private heliports -- airports for helicopters that can include hangars.

A hearing has been scheduled Jan. 17.

The issue stems from an inquiry to the township from Walker civil engineering and architectural design firm Paradigm Design on behalf of an unnamed resident for a site in the vicinity of Ada Christian School.

The unnamed resident? Given the homes that are on that street, let's just say you could narrow down that suspect pretty easily.

Ferro, when asked about who was requesting a heliport, said he was "not free to release that information."

He did say the proposed site was "within half a mile" of the Ada home of former gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos.

The DeVos land sits between Ada Christian School and Forest Hills Central High School, but not to worry - only the elite would be able to have a heliport.

It is expected the proposed regulations would allow heliports by special permit in certain districts, and would include minimum acreage and mandatory distances from occupied structures on adjacent properties. Hours-of-use restrictions are also expected.

Commissioner Henry Hoeks worries allowances for heliports would not benefit the majority.

"This kind of application is for the very few at the expense of all the rest of us," he said.

But of course. That's the Republican Way.

As Amway would say, "You got a problem with that?"