Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drolet wastes more of the taxpayer dollar

Gee, for a guy who claims he wants to reduce the size of government, he sure does lean on it an awful lot.

The group trying to recall State Rep. Robert Dean is trying to overturn a state law that bars non-residents of his district from collecting recall petition signatures.

The group, which has targeted the Grand Rapids Democrat and 10 other legislators because they voted for a tax increase last fall, said the restriction violates the 1st Amendment rights of people who live outside the district and want to participate in the recall drive.

During last week's presidential primary election, the group tried to collect the required 8,714 signatures by hiring college students who live in the district to stake out the polls.

This comes after Drolet's people called the cops on primary day to claim harassment. Wonder why they don't hire private security if they are so against paying for the police. Also wonder just how much Leon's escapades are costing the taxpayer that he claims he is trying to protect.

They also have fliers hanging in my local grocery store looking for paid signature gatherers. Guess the local citizens aren't all that bothered by Rep. Dean, and now Drolet is forced to hire out of district thugs to do his bidding. Kind of tells you how "outraged" the people of the 75th really are.