Thursday, January 03, 2008

If we could just roll them into one...

Wanted to grab this little bit that I saw at Kos today.

I see in John Edwards a genuine tribune of working America, one who cast aside his 2004 packaged Southern Dem campaign, and who has fearlessly spoken truth to power while running the most authentically pro-worker campaign in a generation.

I see in Hillary Clinton perhaps the smartest politician of my lifetime, but one with the political savvy to match her intellect, and with a steely will that makes it difficult to imagine her ever really losing -- the nomination, the presidency, or the advancement of her agenda once in the White House.

I see in Barack Obama a transformative figure who can truly move people across every spectrum -- ideological, geographical, demographic -- in a manner seen just once or twice in a lifetime, and who is deeply committed to a more humane and just America.

And I see one more candidate who won't be president, but who has shown the fortitude and the chutzpah to lead the fight for the next president's agenda in the halls of the Senate. Because throughout this presidential campaign, with his leadership on so many issues, Chris Dodd has shown us that he might just be the right choice to take the torch from Harry Reid in the Senate.

I've said before that I basically like all the Dems running- even Hillary. It's going to take a politician to navigate Washington, it's going to take a fighter for the working man to get the voice of the middle and lower class heard, it's going to take a visionary to bring change to the system (and that is only going to happen with time. Nobody is going to waltz in and "clean up Washington", and you know it).

Roll them together- the perfect candidate.

Could be why I've felt so depressed about the blogosphere lately. Non-stop nastiness against good people can be disheartening.