Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shotgun Marriage Mitt visits East Grand Rapids

Mitt Romney

He's anti-choice. Thinks every child should have a mother and a father. Pretty sure that every child already has a mother and a father, but I'm assuming that Mitt means they have to live together. So, one must conclude that Mitt would support forced marriage, right? That's pretty creepy.

What the heck, I went out and shook his hand anyway.

As Mitt was visiting Grand Rapids today, news came that he was pulling his ads in South Carolina and Florida.

While he's getting good crowds in his native Michigan, Romney may be in trouble elsewhwere. He has decided to pull his advertising from South Carolina and Florida, in a sign of trouble for a campaign that badly needs a win. Romney had been hoping to challenge John McCain and Mike Huckabee in South Carolina, and Rudy Giuliani in Florida, where the former New York mayor has been spending time and money.

"We feel the best strategy is to focus our paid messaging in Michigan," Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said Wednesday.

Mitt has guaranteed the money people a win in Michigan. At last report, the polls here were pretty much even.

Jump over the flip iffin' you want to see a few more shots from Romney's visit to East Grand Rapids today. Now, you may ask yourself, why is she out taking pictures of Republicans? Because they were there! Crazy paparazzi photojournalist girl with the broken wrist stood two hours in the cold, just for you....

Mitt's Mitt

About 200 people waited on this bright sunny day for Mitt to show- he was late, as politicians usually are. Something about the plane, who knows, I got to chat with some Mitt supporters who were also standing around and wondering what was going on. That's always fun, listening to Republican chatter. Whoopee. They are nice enough, even though you want to grab them and scream, "What the hell is wrong with you! Haven't you learned yet?" But you don't, because that would be rude.

Vern Ehlers

That's my Congresscritter Vern Ehlers. Looks guilty, don't he? Wonder what Vern has been up to. Wonder if we will have a challenger for Vern. After reading the tales of Thad McCotter, actually Vern ain't looking all that bad anymore. Still would like to see him retire though.

Hildenbrand and Ehlers

I kept looking at this guy and thinking, "Where do I know him from?" Oh yeah! He's one of those House Republicans! Since they don't do anything, they tend to be highly forgettable. I'm pretty sure that Dave Hildenbrand is shooting to be the new Craig DeRoche, as the old Craig DeRoche will be leaving us after this year. Just goes to show you, it never ends.

Still, I thought this was a cool shot. That's Vern again in the background.

Rick Albin

This is Rick Albin from WOOD, always on the job. They launched a new site called Looks to be pretty good. WDIV guy from Detroit was there also- I don't know his name so I didn't get a picture. Yeah, it's that West Michigan bias.

Mitt Romney 2

One more picture of Mitt. He's always smiling. Seems like he is having a good time. After all, he didn't even need to write any new talking points for his short speech- he just stopped by Dick's place and grabbed some of his. DeVos had plenty left over since they didn't work for him last time around. At least Mitt saved some money there.

Bye, bye Mitt!

I couldn't help but think, I sure wish I was taking pictures of John Edwards....