Sunday, February 17, 2008


Slowly shaping up the blog. Pulling up and out of this depression, or trying to anyway, wondering if this has a lot to do with it...

Sunshine…well with the high clouds from our Sunday rainstorm pushing in from the southwest. On the weekend to boot! We deserve it. The first 15 days of February brought us only 10% of possible sunshine. Eleven of those days had not one single minute of sun and a 12th day had exactly one minute. Since Nov. 4 we’ve had 15% of possible sunshine, so this winter has been nearly twice as cloudy as a usual, gray Michigan winter! I wonder if anyone’s had “cabin fever” or Vitamin D deficiency?

Uh, yeah, Bill, and we are thinking about starting the "sacrifice a TV8 meteorologist to the weather gods" contest to see if we can break the cloudy pattern.

Put the BFM feed up instead of cross-posting my stuff, so if you wonder what ramblings I've written in the wide world of wacky Michigan politics, check that. Same with the JMG.

The blogroll I will fill in slowly- not going to go crazy with that because a) there are too many now, and b) I haven't been reading many blogs lately, just been sticking with the news. Better on my head, until primary season passes anyway.

Comments are turned off. When I went to this template, spam started appearing again. How they get past the Google sign-in issue, I don't know or care, I just don't feel like dealing with it. This is just a refuge for me at this point, not really meant to generate any sort of feedback. Just a goof off. So, screw it. I don't need the hassle.