Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Granholm open to Michigan caucus

OK, that's twice. Apparently the Guv has had a change of heart following the results from last night's primaries. It's a bit surprising because she had used some pretty strong language arguing against the idea - but maybe the looming possibility of a convention fight is starting to weigh on everyone's mind.

First reported on ML this morning, citing the Detroit Free Press, now we have the Traverse City Business News reporting the Granholm is open to the idea of a caucus here in Michigan.

In an interview today with Traverse City Business News Publisher Luke Haase, Michigan Governor Granholm pointed to possible negotiations and an eventual caucus to resolve Michigan’s Democratic presidential delegates.

Granholm said a second Michigan primary would cost $10 million, a burden Michigan taxpayers should not bear.

“How do you pay for it and how would you do it in a way that both parties – Obama and Clinton – would accept the outcome? It would have to be negotiated with Democratic National Committee, which they would have every incentive to do, because right now in this delegate count there are two big holes – Michigan and Florida.

Granholm made it clear her first choice would be to find a way to seat the delegates from the January 15 Michigan primary, but acknowledged the fact that Barack Obama was not on the ballot creates a fairness issue.

“It could not be a primary because a primary is publicly paid for, and the taxpayers would not spend any more tax dollars on a primary. So if there’s anything it would have to be a caucus, but we’d have to have a way to pay for it without taxpayer dollars.”

Will the circus come to Michigan? I was being a bit flip when I suggested it a while back, not thinking about all the ramifications, but I still maintain that it's a good idea. Publicity for us, money for us, candidates talking about our issues, momentum for down-ticket races, the works.

What the heck, let's do it. Make the DNC cough up some money to help.

UPDATE : The Detroit News has a big story on this today, including reactions from all your favorite (or not-so favorite) Michigan Dems.