Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Stuff For Your Green Car

If you buy one of those nifty alternative fuel cars, well, you want to keep supporting the effort with "green" car products, right? Of course you do, you tree-hugging liberal you.

Here is an example of the spin-off jobs that come with the "green" craze that is sweeping the nation - and the best news is, they chose to open shop in Detroit. From Crain's-

Green Earth Technologies, a Stamford, Conn.-based maker of consumer products safe for the environment, has opened a manufacturing plant in Detroit to bottle and package automotive appearance and performance products in the emerging $20 billion "green" auto supply market.

The products — based on patent pending nanotechnology that allows manufacturers to reduce the size of materials so they are more easily biodegradable — include nontoxic car wash and smokeless motor oils, said Jeff Marshall, president and CEO of Green Earth.

They opened the packaging plant at Kwik Paint Products and formed GET Manufacturing, naming Kwik's president, Ron Lipson, the president of GET as well. And they are hiring.

"We are hiring 50 for GET, and by the end of the year we will have about 100 employees," Lipson said. The plant will use an automated bottling and packaging line with a capacity of 240 units per minute. This could amount to $1 million in sales per day, Green Earth said.

While the company has other competitors in the biodegradable "appearance" products such as car washes and tire cleaners, so far they are the only ones who will manufacture, package and sell "green" oil products.

Earlier this month, Green Earth signed manufacturing contracts with Inventek Colloidal Cleaners in Philadelphia and Bio-Tec Fuel and Chemical L.L.C. in Guymon, Okla.

Inventek, which uses Green Earth's nanotechnology along with its proprietary colloidal chemistry process, will manufacture the active ingredients in the automotive appearance products.

Bio-Tec Fuel, which uses recycled beef tallow and Green Earth's nanotechnology process, will manufacture the automotive oil products.

Both companies will ship those materials to Detroit for bottling and packaging. GET then will package the products where they will be shipped by truck to contracted distributors.

So, maybe we will see the day when car exhaust smells like french fries. Something to look forward to. For now, we will take the jobs that this field can and will create.