Monday, March 10, 2008

Levin : Plan for revote "in a couple days"

Here we go.

Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan said today that a blue ribbon panel hopes to have a plan "in a couple days" on how to repeat the Democratic presidential election in the state through mail-in voting.

Levin told reporters that the group is talking with experts -- including from Oregon, which conducts its voting by mail -- and hopes to answer whether Michigan Democrats could use the option in a match-up between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Will "Uncommitted" be an option? (she said with an evil grin)

Many problematic questions present themselves with a mail-in, of course, but it's better than the alternative of a floor fight at the convention. Not too keen on some "committee" deciding this, either.

If all parties can't agree on the mail-in option, then Levin says the issue will go to the credentials committee and, if still not settled, to the Democratic convention floor in August.

The biggest problem is who would be allowed to vote.

"Who is allowed to send in a ballot? Do you wait for people to request a ballot or do you send it out to everybody who voted in a Democratic primary. Or do you send it out to everybody who is on a Democratic list of some kind? How do you verify applications to avoid duplication, or voting twice. How do you count ballots, even? Who is eligible to vote?"

It seems the only thing we could do is open it to everyone - don't see how they could possibly do any sort of cross-check on the lists without hours and hours of manpower.

So - game on. Maybe.

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