Tuesday, April 01, 2008

2008 Whitecaps Roster

Yesterday, I watched former Whitecap Clete Thomas get his first major league hit - a double that would have tied the game if Renteria could have put the bat on the ball. So close.

Still, the thrill of seeing a player you know from the 'Caps make it to the bigs and smack a double first time up - so sweet.

Here is the Whitecaps roster for 2008 - going to need this list to identify pictures I take.


32 Kelvin Cedano

13 Rudy Darrow

44 Alfredo Figaro

34 Lauren Gagnier

14 Ramon Garcia

26 Wilton Garcia

29 Andrew Hess

36 Jonathan Kibler

21 Noah Krol

28 Santo Mieses

35 Emmanuel Miguelez

20 Paul Nardozzi


24 Jordan Newton


23 Ron Bourquin 3B

33 Christopher Carlson 1B

16 Audy Ciriaco SS

17 Justin Henry 2B

9 Kody Kaiser 2B

7 Roger Tomas SS

10 Joseph Tucker 1B


32 Brennan Boesch RF

18 Marc McBratney OF

25 Cory Middleton OF

15 Kyle Peter OF

22 Casper Wells OF

Surprised to see Brennan Boesch and wonder if that's an error. This isn't (ever) set in stone and may not be final. Middleton was here in 2006 as a third baseman, now he's back as an outfielder. Ciriaco is a hold over. Gagnier, Garcia, Tucker, Newton (and maybe Krol? can't remember) spent some time here last year, too.

Which one of these guys will I see someday in Detroit? Only time will tell!