Monday, April 14, 2008

House Republicans Demonstrate Their Worthlessness

Got the cameras to come and record it and everything! Instead of working on viable solutions to Michigan's problems, House Republicans decided to put on a big show for the TeeVee today about introducing legislation to repeal the income tax increase.

Did they say what they would cut instead? No. Do they have any specific ideas? No. Do they think it can pass? No.

They are just wasting our time.

House Republicans are pitching a long-shot proposal to repeal the state income tax increase that took effect last year.

The plan is unlikely to pass the Legislature. It's not tied to any specific proposal to replace the roughly $750 million the repeal would cost the state in revenue.

Critics call the idea fiscally irresponsible and say it would gut state and local services.

Guess we need to remind everyone that House Republicans wouldn't vote for the cuts that would have been required without the increase...

DeRoche called the vote on deep budget cuts "a cheap parlor trick" that would not resolve the crisis.

But they would vote to spend that money they now want to repeal...

Literally minutes after much of the House Republican caucus put up scores of "yes" votes in support of spending plans that were based on the $1.4 billion in tax hikes that nearly all of them voted against, House Speaker Andy DILLON (D-Redford Twp.) was asked to opine. Here the GOP members were ready to support the budgets that spent money, but weren't willing to raise the revenue needed to pay for the spending.

"That was one of the funny comments from someone in my office who said, 'It's amazing we're sitting here negotiating about how we're going to spend money when they didn't vote for any of it," Dillon said.

All the House Republicans can do is stand around and mouth words like "cuts" and "reform", never showing what they would do instead or taking any responsibility for their actions. Something to keep in mind every time they pull a worthless stunt like this during election season this year.