Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rally for Andy Dillon Tonight

If you are anywhere close to the Redford Township area, get out there tonight and join a rally to support Andy Dillon in his fight against the PigMan and his merry band of out-of-state extremists who wish to meddle in our affairs. The weather will be perfect, and apparently there is food, too.

The same time that Wayne County Taxpayers Association members are collecting signatures to recall the Redford Township Democrat, his supporters will roast a symbolic pig about a quarter-mile away, according to Township Supervisor R. Miles Handy II.

Rumor has it the other recall efforts have died out, and Dillon is the main focus in Leon's desperate attempt to keep a paycheck coming in. Local officials are gathering to support Dillon-

Redford Township for months has been ground zero in the campaign, with both sides swapping accusations of deception and intimidation. Handy said residents have "had it" with "outside infiltrators."

"The community supports the speaker," he said this morning. "We're tired of outside people trying to tell us who we want in office."

The Police Officers Association of Michigan and local firefighters have voiced their support for Andy - now it's your turn.

The rally opposing Dillon is 5-7 p.m. at the Redford Township Post Office, 12245 Beech Daly. The pig roast in support of the speaker is 5 p.m. at Capital Park, 12121 Hemingway.

Be there if you can, and bring the barbeque sauce!