Monday, April 28, 2008

Waiting To Be Stimulated

Hey, dude, where's my stimulus? I'm one of the low-digit SS numbers that should be receiving my bribe "tax rebate" any... second... now. (I've called the automated line twice, so far nothing).

Decisions, decisions.

The Responsible Adult in me says "Pay down those credit cards!" or, "Put it in the savings account for that rainy day!". I tend to ignore that voice as much as I can. The Wild-Eyed Idealist is in love with the thought of dividing it up and donating it to Democratic candidates, with a note saying, "Courtesy of George Bush" attached to each.

But the voice that is winning out at this point is the I Really Need This Tool In My Arsenal and I've Figured Out How To Justify It. That is telling me I have to have a laptop computer and I simply cannot go on without one any longer, my gosh, how did I ever get by? What if I need to live blog something? I have to be able to download/upload pictures at the drop of a hat! And besides, I help the Michigan economy! Yeah, that's it!

Trained American consumer that I am.

Finally, a schedule has been posted-

The Internal Revenue Service started making the deposits at 8:30 a.m. EDT Monday with the goal of completing 800,000 direct deposits each day over the first three days of this week. No deposits will be made Thursday while the IRS prepares a big batch of 5 million direct deposits scheduled on Friday.

Maybe waiting this week will calm my itchy trigger finger and I'll do the "responsible" thing.

Yeah, right.