Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EPIC Poll: Obama/Clinton 51%, McCain/Romney 44%

Some wild and wacky numbers on the newest EPIC/MRA poll. When asked to choose between Obama and McCain alone - more people would vote for McCain, but the majority think Obama is going to win the election. Go figure. Here are the numbers on the head to head-

35% Vote for Barack Obama
5% Lean toward Barack Obama
40% Total Obama

40% Vote for John McCain
4% Lean toward John McCain
44% Total McCain

16% Undecided/Don't know/Refused

But it becomes 38%-31% Obama when people were asked who they think is going to be the next president.

53% think Obama should pick someone other than Hillary, but when asked to vote for a potential Obama/Clinton ticket over a McCain/Romney ticket, it breaks down like this-

44% Vote for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
7% Lean toward Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
51% Obama/Clinton

42% Vote for John McCain and Mitt Romney
2% Lean toward John McCain and Mitt Romney
44% McCain/Romney

5% Undecided/Don't know/Refused

What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing, but the numbers people can have some fun.

Follow the link above to see Bush approval numbers (not good), Granholm approval numbers (at least it's better than Bush), right track/wrong track/Michigan economy numbers, and what people think we should do about Kwame.