Friday, May 30, 2008

Governor Granholm Returns to Full Schedule

Starting today. You can catch the Guv live from Mackinac at 10am on the Detroit News webcam where she will address the crowd on her agenda to move Michigan forward. Tom Walsh at the Freep had a little preview for us yesterday-

Granholm will ask for specific actions by business leaders in three areas:

• Alternative and renewable energy. She'll ask for help getting an energy package through the Legislature that includes a renewable portfolio standard calling for wind, solar and other nonfossil fuel energy sources to provide 10% of the state's electric power by 2015.

• A better-educated workforce. Graduation standards have been raised; now it's critical to focus on reducing high school dropout rates. She wants to find money to create as many as 100 small high schools and close large failing schools.

• Corrections Department reform. Michigan spends way more than neighboring states on incarcerating criminals. If business leaders can help push through major cuts, Granholm suggested that one-third of the savings could flow directly to business by lowering the state business tax. Another one-third, she said, would go to law enforcement, and one-third to higher education.

Welcome back Governor.

UPDATE: Here is the video of the speech, courtesy of the Detroit News-