Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This morning at Van Andel Arena...

Morning Line Van Andel
Morning thunderstorms followed by a steady drizzle is keeping the crowd down at this point, but the line is starting to form. I checked in with Van Andel security (very nice folks) who informed me that the media check-in time is 4PM, around the back of the building at the security entrance. So far they are not set-up yet, so no need to rush on down there. As far as parking goes - good luck. There is parking across the street and parking behind the arena, but due to the timing of this, you are going to be competing with downtown workers who still will be parked there when you arrive. I'm close enough that I might just walk downtown from my house.

I applied for photography credentials, and so far no one has contacted me to tell me "no" (which the website indicated they would do). So, keep your fingers crossed that I get them - if I don't, I probably won't make it in because the line by 4 will be enormous, and I can't stand in it if I have to be at another entrance. No live- blogging (from me anyway) because I don't plan to try to lug the laptop around - I will concentrate on the photos and then come home and process and post later.

Wish me luck.