Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Class Act

Watching Hillary's concession speech. She got me with the story about the woman in hospice, brought tears to my eyes. Didn't think I would react like this. I have to admit, all the crap I have read in the blogosphere has really hardened my heart to this whole race - mostly, I just wanted the damn thing over.

Strong support for Barack. Strong support for Democratic values. Hitting on all the things that progressives hold dear.

I am loving this speech.

Thank you, Senator Clinton. I hope that your supporters can get past their hurt and see the wisdom in your words. We need to elect Barack Obama and Democrats everywhere if we have any hope of turning this country around. And after that, we need to support them as we deal with the aftermath and consequences of Republican economic and foreign policies, a fallout that might take years and years to fix.

Yes, we can. Let's do it.