Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dillon Slaps Finley. Crowd Cheers.

This is a prime example of why Andy Dillon ties me in knots. Sometimes he steps up and does the right thing. I'm not sure about the wisdom behind lawmakers spending their time getting tangled up with the media, but for Nolan I think we can make an exception.

You go Andy.

It is not productive, however, to cast partisan stones. It was the Democrats who invited the business community to help craft the new business tax after the Single Business Tax was repealed without a replacement. The House Democrats worked with the business community to repeal the service tax and continues to work with it to simplify the new business tax and eliminate the surcharge.

House Democrats are working with the business community and the state Senate on more government reforms to lower the cost of running the state and to make sure we have the infrastructure and education system to allow Michigan to compete in the 21st century.

Finley's article forgets that while we must improve the business climate, we also need to protect our working families and ensure that taxpayers' dollars are used to help Michigan businesses and employees.

Seems to me that House Democrats are the ones getting the work done for both business and citizen alike, while the Senate wants to "take the summer" to study things like the all-important energy legislation, along with other assorted bills that the House finished long ago. Anyone else notice that? Anyone else notice that the House has been better when it comes to working with business than the Senate has been?

But I won't cast partisan stones either. Oh no, not me.

Except when I have to. Which is often. ;-)