Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gov. Granholm, Rep. Wasserman Schultz Discuss Choice for Independent Voters

Game on. It's so... on.

Check out this Obama press call with Governor Granholm and Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz - seems Granholm is a bit miffed that McCain is reaching out to Clinton supporters and independent voters on women's issues. She reels off what is quite possibly the longest run-on sentence that I have ever heard her utter, and that is saying something. The governor rips McCain on being anti-choice and anti-privacy - and also goes after McCain donor Clayton Williams. Wasserman-Schulz does the same for other women's issues such as equal pay. Smackdown!

Granholm speaks to Michigan issues such as trade, jobs, and manufacturing - praising Senator Obama for his policies and pitching the Obama appearances here next week. Wasserman-Schulz speaks to the foreclosure crisis and the difference between Obama and McCain's plans on helping homeowners.

The governor also tells us that she has been assured by Senator Obama that Michigan's delegation will get full votes at the convention.

Interesting press call, about 15 minutes long. Take a listen.

The Detroit News has the story here.