Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nancy Cassis: The Voice of Reason

Ha! Made you look.

This one is for you, Naz. Seems Roger Khan (R-Ceti Alpha VI) has introduced legislation that will let people claim an "exemption from any local non-homestead school operating millage for a secondary homestead". In other words, a big tax break on your vacation home.

Now, if I were an expert on property tax law, I would be swilling cocktails at the country club right about now instead of waiting for the chicken to thaw so I can make some tacos, so I will let Nancy tell us why this is a bad idea.

"This is not really to address the foreclosure problem in the state," she said. "This allows a resident to claim a second homestead and not pay the 18 mills (on that property).

But Nancy, this is * wink * designed to keep people from selling their vacation homes, maybe even boost sales in those areas! Why would you be against that?

"This could be potentially devastating on communities Up North," Cassis said. "Those local school taxes play a significant role in those areas for schools to operate.

"Spurring home sales is not a good enough reason to take away a school's tax money," Cassis said. "Who is going to make up the money then?"

Wow. You know you have a problem when Nancy Cassis is the voice of reason. What should we do instead?

"I don't think this is smart tax policy," she said. "We should be lowering taxes and putting the reigns on spending before turning our attention to vacation homes."

Ahhhh, I see. Tax cuts for everyone. Pull in those reigns on education spending. Nancy wants to devastate schools AND communities across the board instead of just those in vacation areas.

Geez, Roger, get with the program, would ya?