Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama in Troy - Just a Few Pics


Hello from Perry, Michigan. Hanging out at the McD's, finally found some power for the laptop so I could upload a few pictures. Here is a very rudimentary set at Flickr - I need to get home and run them through the whole process, and I can't sit here all night! So, take a gander at a few, I'll have more up there later tonight and tomorrow.

Very energetic crowd. The thing that struck me about the speech are all the things that Senator Obama talked about, Democrats in Michigan have already proposed for our state in one shape or another. Education, alternative energy, reform of the prison system.... hmmmm. Seems to me there is some blonde here who runs around talking about that stuff all the time. Bunch of Senate Democrats too. Gee, if only the Legislature would act on some of that...

Anyway, very happy to go to this event. Big thanks to the Obama campaign - they have made the extra effort to reach out to bloggers, and both events have been run very well, no hassles at all. All the Obama staff and volunteers are always friendly and helpful. Great organization - very impressed.

Back to the road. If something happens to me - come and find this laptop, there are more good pics on here that shouldn't be lost!