Friday, June 27, 2008

Senate to Move Energy Bills Today?

Rumors are flying fast and furious that the Senate will move the energy package today. The AP's take on it is here (seems Eggert is copping an attitude on this) and this was Gongwer's version last night-

Senate members have spent much of the week discussing energy policy, but not in public. With lawmakers hoping to finish work for the summer on Friday the chance that the Senate may act on energy bills looms large.

Sen. Cameron Brown (R-Fawn River Twp.) told reporters Thursday there may be a series of substitute bills ready Friday on the package that would both provide certainty to the state's major utilities while ensuring that customer choice is not hampered.

All week long Senate Republicans have discussed various issues in HB 5524, HB 5548 and HB 5549, and a series of proposed changes and substitutes to the bills have been exchanged. On both Tuesday and Wednesday Republicans spent the bulk of those days discussing energy legislation in closed caucuses.

We will see what happens with the "changes" - it would require the House coming back to vote on them after break. (and you would be willing to do that, right, guys?) Perhaps that "happy medium" can found here as well, just as it has with the budget and water bills.

Stay tuned...