Monday, July 21, 2008

GR Veterans Rally to Support Obama, Denouce McCain Attack Ad

Countering a local McCain event featuring veterans, Kent County Dems brought out their own to hold a rally denouncing the new McCain attack ad and voice their support for Obama. The GR Press ran a photo of the Republican event, only fair that everyone see the photo of the Dems, right? Veteran and Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue read a statement, House Rep. Robert Dean was in attendance as well.

Local Democrats countered with a small gathering at Veterans Memorial Park, calculated to blunt a McCain campaign ad attacking Obama's foreign policy credentials.

A McCain ad that began airing Friday notes that Obama "hasn't been to Iraq in years" and voted "against funding our troops."

The ad states that McCain "has always supported our troops and the surge that's working," a reference to troop increases in Iraq backed by McCain.

Those in attendance included Army veteran and Democratic Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue and White Cloud resident Buck Geno, who served as a Marine during the Vietnam War.

Geno argued that McCain's service "does not make him more qualified for president.

"Where was he when the vets really needed him?" Geno said. "He voted against enhancing the GI bill and medical benefits for vets. And where was he went the Walter Reed scandal went down?"

Mayhue rattled off many of the votes on McCain's record when it came to "supporting the troops" - points that DJ has posted here before. He also pointed out support for the idea of drawing down in Iraq and shifting troops to Afghanistan, where Obama has called the situation "precarious and urgent".

"As a veteran who has served our country, I honor McCain's service to America," Mayhue said.

"But for (him) to suggest that Obama does not support the troops, that's dishonest."

Good to see Dems and veterans out countering these Republican rallies and unfair attacks on Obama's record - it is being noticed by the media. Not only did it hit the GR Press, WOOD will have a report tonight on the "split support" of veterans as well. Represent!