Monday, July 28, 2008

Hearing on Kwame's Removal September 3rd?

Time to get this moving at a faster pace. The longer this drags on, the worse it gets.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is accelerating her decision on whether to remove Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office, issuing a letter Monday saying "it is in the public interest" to do so.

"The governor has concluded that it is in the public interest to accelerate the briefing schedule in this matter and set a definite date for a hearing should one be determined necessary," wrote Kelly G. Keenan, the legal counsel to Granholm.

The hearing would be held September 3rd if it is determined that it is warranted - and it sure looks warranted from here already. It's a sad, sad day when I find myself agreeing with Nolan Finley - but enough is enough.

If it comes to his removal, I hope that all community, business, and elected leaders stand behind the decision. Stephen Henderson at the Freep said it best-

Only the delusional can believe Kilpatrick will emerge from his morass of criminal charges and suspicions to remain mayor, as if nothing had ever happened. Too much trust has been broken. Too many of his actions over the past six months -- the tirades, the self-serving accusations and, last week, the escalation to irrational and dangerous behavior -- have tossed accelerants onto his incendiary circumstances. He has gone from suspect to thug, from public problem to public menace.

So why are we still witness to this absurd, voyeuristic drama, with Kilpatrick's flailing defenses that make us shudder, or laugh, or cry about the situation? How much damage will Kilpatrick be allowed to do -- to the city's image, to the progress he once inspired, and even to himself -- before someone steps up to say: Enough! This ends, right here, right now.

The whole city needs to stand up and say "enough". Any waffling on this point only gives him excuses and enables him to continue on with his behavior. Political consequences be damned, the city and the state's well-being is much more important.

Good luck Detroit. This is not going to be easy.