Monday, July 21, 2008

Michigan Gains Jobs in June

Peter Luke made brief mention of this in his Sunday column, but other than that, I haven't seen it reported anywhere else that Michigan had the 2nd highest job growth in the nation in June. MIRS, believe it or not, delivered the news - with a 8.5 caveat, of course.

Here's the good news: Michigan had the second-highest employment increase from May to June of all states. But the bad news, of course, is that unemployment is stuck at 8.5 percent, the nation's highest.

Michigan added 16,700 jobs. Only Texas recorded a bigger increase with 47,700.

This comes on top of the jobs added in May. Granted, it doesn't cover the number of people looking for work, or the people that have dropped off the map entirely, but perhaps it shows we are headed in the right direction - or at least, holding our own in the face of a national economic downturn.