Saturday, August 16, 2008

DeVos vs Hoekstra: A "Healthy" Michigan Republican 2010 Primary

I had promised myself I wouldn't do anymore 2010 diaries yet, especially ones based on MIRS rumor, but this was too good to pass up. The thought of these two tearing each other apart makes me want to laugh and throw-up all at the same time.

Gossip has Dick DeVos running around to Republican insiders and telling them that Hoekstra isn't serious about running for governor. Turtle Power Pete begs to differ - and seems to give confirmation that he is running.

"I don't try to tell people what Dick is going to do," Hoekstra told MIRS. "It doesn't bother me. It doesn't hurt me." Depending on what happens, he adds, "[DeVos] could end up looking silly on this."

The two have not talked but when they do, Hoekstra said he will tell DeVos, "I am very serious about doing this and he can do with that what he wants."

If there is one person who has the chutzpah to take on the DeVos $$ and tactics, it's probably Hoekstra - and that has the potential to cause a major rift in the Michigan Republican Party. Certain folks are going to be forced into taking sides, and my guess is they are going to be afraid to side with either one of them out of fear of some powerful repercussions from the other.

Oh boy. Won't this be fun.

While some in town believe a DeVos candidacy would again force other candidates out of the contest, Hoekstra is not a believer.

"A healthy primary could do a lot to energize the Republican Party," the potential candidate contends. Asked if DeVos running again would scare him out of the race, Hoekstra quickly replied with a "no".

Healthy indeed. I think we should all just stand back at a safe distance and watch these two get "healthy" with each other, although a massive amount of clean-up may be involved later.

Eh, let the Republicans handle it.