Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Granholm & MEGA Announce 9,495 New Michigan Jobs

So, I'm walking to the store to buy cigarettes improve my cardio-vascular health and check out the new spicy sweet chili Doritos locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, and, oh snap!, we are creating jobs in spite of the Senate Republican attempts to obstruct progress. Check out this screaming headline in today's Grand Rapids Press:

Press Headline

In case that is hard to read: "State tax deals clear way for possible 1,100-plus area jobs" , with the companies highlighted in the sidebar and along the top. Checking out the story on the web, we find that MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) and MEGA (Michigan Economic Growth Authority) and Governor Granholm are announcing tax breaks for 15 company expansions across the state that will create nearly 9,500 jobs.

They won't come all at once; some could take as much as five or 10 years to arrive.

But in a region and state hungry for bright economic news, today's announcement that more than 1,100 jobs could be created through expansions by five area companies was hailed by officials from Grand Rapids to the Lakeshore.

The expansions are among 20 statewide expected to receive Michigan tax incentives today that officials say will create 6,853 direct jobs, plus another 2,600 spin-offs.

As usual, in an attempt to make me crazy drive local interest, these stories tend to break down by region in the state media, and MEDC hasn't put up the full release yet. Here is how the Press describes it -

In West Michigan, much of the growth will be in Zeeland and Holland, where nearly 900 jobs are anticipated through three expansions.

"This is big," said Randy Thelen, president of the Lakeshore Advantage regional economic development organization. "This means 900 new jobs with a payroll of about $40 million to the Holland/Zeeland market. That's a lot of new purchasing power."Holland Mayor Al McGeehan and Zeeland Mayor Les Hoogland both plan to be in Lansing today for the official announcement.

"I'm very excited for our community, which has always been pro-business and pro-expansion," Hoogland said. "Our major industries are doing well, but more good-paying jobs are always welcome."

Alternative energy was a common theme for several of the 20 projects expected to win tax breaks at today's meeting of the Michigan Economic Growth Authority.

Go read the story for the list of companies, projected salaries, and plans they have to create jobs over here in the west.

The Freep covers the Detroit area:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm said today's batch of MEGA projects marks the second straight record month of job-creation projects using an expanded toolbox of incentives designed to diversify Michigan's economy away from its historic reliance on the automobile industry.

Six of the 20 projects are in Wayne and Oakland counties, ranging from an expansion by Troy-based staffing firm Kelly Services that is expected to create 572 jobs, to a new Van Buren Township facility for Ricardo Inc., a high-tech outfit involved in emissions and battery testing. The 45 new jobs at Ricardo are expected to pay an average of $84,000 a year.

Again, check out the Freep story for the list of companies in that area. So far, no one has covered the inevitable complaints from Nancy Cassis, but I'm sure those will be forthcoming.

Keep watching the MEDC press release page for the full details on this announcement. They will have it up there eventually. Until then, check your local listings for the new jobs coming to your area.

UPDATE: Read the full release here - turns out it is 15 companies and 5 brownfield projects. Story above corrected on number of companies.