Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain in Michigan : A Sad Display (for Republicans)

John McCain, appearing in Michigan today, didn't have to worry too much about being inundated with supporters. From the News-

The McCain visit spurred protesters to outnumber supporters outside the Fermi II plant.

There were 40 to 50 people ready to welcome McCain at the security gate of Fermi II at about 1:30 p.m. Protestors outnumbered McCain's supporters about 3-1, forming camps on separate sides of the entrance. While the small McCain contingent brought lawn chairs and signs saying "Drill Now" and "McCain for Clean Energy, Good Jobs," the protestors were far more flamboyant. They had a novelty check from "Exxon & Friends" giving $2 million to McCain saying "Thanks for staying in the tank for oil" in the memo. Other signs included "John McCain: 100% Recycled Bush" and "John McCain is Not For Monroe."

And the Freep made it sound really pathetic. They came up with about the same numbers and described the McCain fan base in greater detail, which turned out to be a group of 12 older women who were snubbed by the candidate.

Across the street, about a dozen pro-McCain women wearing pins and holding an American flag, held up signs of their own: "McCain for clean energy, good jobs," read one green sign.

The women were hoping McCain, who didn't stop to say hello on his way into the plant, might stop on his way out.

Joan Noel, 58, a nurse who lives in Arizona but grew up in Monroe, said, "I had to come out to see our next president."

Noel said she likes McCain's pro-life stand. The group of women standing nearby applauded that.

And what can the voters expect out of McCain? Is it a public rally? Maybe a speech explaining his policy? Shaking hands with potential voters? No, McCain's backers have learned to lower their expectations...

Noel was hoping to take a photo of McCain zipping past in the motorcade to post on a wall at her workplace.

Wow. That is just... so sad. Get that mental picture in your mind, and compare and contrast this scene with some photos...

Line at Van Andel 2

The line for Obama at VanAndel in Grand Rapids.

Waiting in Troy

The line for Obama at Troy High School.

Line at the Joe

The line for Obama at Joe Louis Arena.

On all three ocassions, there was no way I could possibly catch the whole line unless I was on top of the buildings, and even then I wonder. Pictures at the LSJ indicate Lansing on Monday was the same as all of the above.

You could argue that McCain's appearances weren't public appearances and therefore shouldn't count - but the fact that he doesn't even hold public rallies should tell you something as well, shouldn't it? Still, if people were enthused for McCain, they would show up anyway just to try to get a glimpse, public speech or not. And you know it.

What I can't understand is how these two could possibly be close in the Michigan polls. My lying eyes must be deceiving me.