Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do: MI House Republicans Pull Same Stunt as Congress

"Hey! We can do that too!", proclaimed the Michigan House Republicans. "Let's put on a show for the media and pretend like we actually matter for a change!" And then the House Republicans went out and totally contradicted their colleagues in the Do-Nothing Senate. If it weren't so tragic, it would be comical.

You see, the House Republicans are upset that they are on vacation and can't find new ways to prove to Michigan voters how irrelevant and inept they are. They want to come back and show you once again that they certainly know how to blow up the budget, slashing money that they just got done voting to spend, and generally make a big 'ol mess out of everything they touch! From Gongwer-

With most sporting a summer bronze, a group of 15 House Republicans sounded the cry to have Democrats call the chamber back into session in order to deal with the serious problems facing the state. In response, a spokesperson for House Democrats said Republicans should give their colleagues in the Senate a nudge in working out a deal on the most crucial legislative issue of the day - the energy package.

Oops! Forgot that it is the Senate Republicans that won't come back and deal with the "serious problems"! How embarrassing for you! Here's Matt Marsden to tell you that there is no need to be in Lansing. When asked about movement on the energy package, the one thing that has the potential at creating thousands of jobs for Michigan, Marsden told MIRS that he sees no problem with taking time off.

"The Environmental Council doesn't set the agenda in Lansing. Interest groups don't get to tell the Senate when to come back to session," Marsden said. ". . . We don't come until the 27th unless there's an emergency and I don't think this rises to the level of an emergency. What's the point of people yelling, 'Fire! Fire!' in the theater?"

Dunno, Matt, why don't you run across the hall and ask Craig and Dave why they are doing that. Cause they are making y'all look really stupid at this point. Never the less, House Republicans seem to think it would be a grand idea to ignore that job producing energy package and cut a billon (or more) from the budget! From the Freep-

House Republicans called for a $500 rebate to homeowners -- at a cost of about $1 billion -- along with tweaking the state's new business tax to address exorbitant tax hikes for some businesses.

They also called for agreement on a plan to prevent property tax increases when property values fall. Democrats have introduced a similar plan.

The GOP caucus proposed a constitutional amendment that would cap college tuition rates at the rate of inflation.

"There are things we need to do to help Michigan families, and we should be doing it," said Rep. David Hildenbrand, R-Lowell.

Wow, Dave, and you waited until * looks at calendar * August 13th to complain? Back to Gongwer-

Asked why House Republicans were hitting the back to work issue now since the legislative schedule was released back in July and showed the chamber would be off for July and August save for a few Wednesday sessions, House Minority Leader Dave Hildenbrand (R-Lowell) said Republicans thought the chamber would at least be in session on those days, but for the most part those sessions have been cancelled.

Yes, after the Senate Republicans canceled session, the House followed suit. Better go talk to Marsden, because he can't see any reason why you are yelling about this stuff.

One more smart-ass shot, courtesy of MIRS-

MIRS asked Rep. Brian CALLEY (R-Portland) if the Republicans were now promoting the concept that government is needed to solve problems.

"Actually, there is some legislation we could be passing that would help," Calley responded.

In one press conference, the House Republicans not only contradict the leadership of the Senate, they undermine the whole party's philosophy. All for a silly PR stunt.

A big round of applause is in order here. Congratulations, guys. That was beautiful.