Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures from Denver


This was my vantage point from last night's speech. With the flags and the signs and the enthusiatic Democrats constantly waving both, all I could do was stick my camera in the air above my head and click away. There are more up at Flicker - check out this page and start scrolling back. Finally got a chance to work on a few from Hillary's awesome speech the other night too. Can't wait to get all this home and look at them on my regular computer.

Been running non-stop. Between that and the spotty internet access (no air card) just haven't had time to put together any kind of coherent diary on all of this - but I will say one thing, it has been an amazing time. I've talked to some very nice people from all over the country, and I've got some great shots of the city of Denver, Michigan and national politicians (I'm collecting them like a kid collects baseball cards), as well as the media people (OMG I am paparazzi. But nice paparazzi), and eventually I will get my thoughts together. But right now, I've got an hour to get out of this hotel room, and I still can't fit everything in the suitcases- so I gotta go.

One note - even though I'm right in the middle of all of this, I'm totally disconnected from the media because I just haven't had time. No blogs, no papers, just a bit of CNN, who has replayed the action every night. It's a strange feeling not knowing what the talking heads are saying about the convention- and it's rather nice.

Happy Labor Day everyone, and I will get more of the view from Denver up when I can...