Monday, September 15, 2008

Biden: "John McCain is Just Four More Years of George Bush"

Joe Biden, in Michigan today, calls out McCain on the economy -

THAT is the Joe Biden I was hoping to see, carrying the message that everyone needs to hear - "conservative" economic policies have not worked, will not work, Republicans don't get it or are lying about it, and it's time that people realize that McCain would indeed give us more of the same of the Bush policies and politics that have led us to these "difficult times". (Those are McCain's words, by the way).

"John is profoundly out of touch", Biden tells the Michigan audience.

Obviously. Biden pointed out that McCain said again today that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong". Yeppers. Ask those guys packing their desks at Lehman. As I type, the Dow is down over 300 points, and Wall Street is scrambling to keep its head above water. McCain's statement, along with Palin repeating the Bridge to Nowhere lie in a speech last Saturday - shows that the Republicans are just going to continue on with their set talking points, hoping that they stick with the base, and pretend that the outcry against the lies doesn't exist.

Well, OK, if that is the way they want to play it. We just need to keep calling them out on it. Granholm stepped up today -

“It is absurd to say that the fundamentals of this economy are sound, especially from someone that has been to Michigan so much,” Graholm said of McCain’s comments. “I can’t believe he would repeat that to the nation.”

Well, he did, so believe it. The lie continues nationally, and trickles down to the state level as well. What, did you think the Saul and the MI-GOP were going to be honest about the way things are? Have they ever?

Michigan Republicans fell back on their own special local lie in response to Biden's appearance - that the taxes used to balance the 2008 budget somehow are responsible for an economy that started to lose jobs in the year 2000. Does anyone really believe this whopper? Better yet, will anyone call them out on it?

"Michiganders have seen what Democrat-led taxes can do to a local economy and that is why they will come together on Nov. 4 and vote for the only ticket that can deliver real change to Washington and Wall Street, the McCain-Palin ticket," Taylor said.

Michigan Republicans want to pretend that last year's budget battle and tax hike, which happened only with Senate Republican approval mind you, are somehow to blame for everything that ails this state. They'll keep saying it in the hopes that you will believe it, even though the facts say otherwise. Guess they learned their Rove lessons well.

Maybe Michigan Democrats will take a tip from Obama and Biden and react accordingly.