Monday, September 29, 2008

Bush Postpones Michigan Bailout of Republican Party

Tragic. You know it's a crisis when they can't even show up to collect the checks from the people that want to buy their services.

Bush had been booked Tuesday for a private major donor fundraiser at the Ada home of former Amway chief Dick DeVos.

Funds were to be slated for the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican National Committee.

"The White House called and said because of the economic crisis all their attention is there," said John Truscott, a spokesman for DeVos.

"Oh noes!", said the local cadre of the people who benefit the most from owning the Republicans. "And here we transferred all that money from the Caymans! What shall we do?"

"Never fear", said Vern, "We will be around to collect. Bet on it."

Assuming the fund-raiser is rescheduled, Ehlers believes West Michigan's wealthy will come through for the party. He noted that Bush raised $500,000 at a similar event in Cleveland.

"It would be nice if we did that in Grand Rapids."

Individual contributions are limited to $28,500 to either committee.

Yes, the wealthy always come through to try and protect their own interests, don't they Vern?

Just write the check, people. You don't need to bother getting your picture taken with the Worst. President. Ever. It will just embarrass your grandkids.