Friday, September 26, 2008

Got Vote? 9 Days Left to Register

The Freep found another use for their countdown clock - this time it is ticking away the moments that you have left to register to vote in November's elections. If you are reading here, chances are you are already registered, but you might want to check and MAKE SURE you are showing up on the rolls.


If you aren't showing up, or the address is wrong, or whatever the case may be, get to your local Secretary of State office, your local Dept. of Human Services office, or your local Obama and/or Democratic Party HQ and register. You can also send in a mail-in form (warning: pdf), but if you are going to do that, better do it today. Don't wait. Make sure your friends and family are registered as well.

The Obama people have done an excellent job on voter outreach this year. Our state already boasts a 95% registration rate - and they are out there every day, trying to find the rest.

Despite Michigan's high registration, more than 100,000 new voters registered in the state between January and July, according to the Michigan Secretary of State's Web site.

"It takes some creative field efforts for us to find those people," Wilkins said. "We get into every nook and cranny."

I've been approached four times in the past few months by a clipboard carrying volunteer. They were present at the McCain appearance/protest in town, they were present at the street fair last weekend, they will be out in force this weekend - it's been an amazing effort. The effort for turnout will be equally impressive, I'm sure.