Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe Schwarz Endorses Mark Schauer

The anti-tax, anti-regulation Club For Growth spent $1.1 million to buy Tim Walberg in 2006, and they have moved to protect their investment by starting nasty attack ads on Mark Schauer as of today. Republican Joe Schwarz steps up and says "enough".

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz is endorsing Democratic challenger Mark Schauer in his former south-central Michigan congressional district, even though he's a Republican.

Schwarz told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he decided to endorse Schauer over Republican Rep. Tim Walberg because the anti-tax Club for Growth began running ads critical of Schauer.

The Club for Growth injected more than $1 million into the 2006 primary, helping Walberg defeat Schwarz, then a first-term congressman. The anti-tax group criticized Schwarz's record on taxes and painted him as too moderate for the district.

Too moderate. Bet the people of the 7th would be ready for "moderate" right about now - with Walberg they get "more of the same" anti-regulation policies that are causing our economic disturbance. Everyone having fun down there? Enjoying this crisis and uncertainty? Because Tim Walberg wants to continue the ride. (h/t to Cordelia for this)-

Walberg, however, said there are other alternatives including lowering taxes and lessening regulations to allow more capital to flow the markets. The capital gains rate and corporate tax rates especially should be lowered, he said.

Cut taxes for the rich and let them do what they want. Throw in approval of outsourcing jobs, and you have the perfect Bush Republican. That's Tim.

Schauer released his third ad today - take a look. The Senator speaks!