Friday, September 05, 2008

Mark Schauer's First Campaign Ad

Very nice. Take a look.

From the press release-

Today congressional candidate Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) began airing his first campaign ad of the election season, highlighting his record of working with Michigan businesses to cut through red tape and create jobs.

"I have a strong track record of working with businesses in the district to save and create jobs, while Congressman Walberg has spent the last two years in Washington making excuses for George Bush's failed economic policies," said Schauer. "In a year when jobs are the number one issue for voters, Tim Walberg knows he doesn't have a record to run on, and the people of south central Michigan are ready for change."

The following is a transcript from Schauer's campaign ad:

While Michigan's economy gets ignored in Washington, here in Michigan Mark Schauer is working to turn things around. By creating tax incentives and cutting red tape, Mark Schauer is keeping jobs here.

Sixty new jobs in Brooklyn, 107 manufacturing jobs kept in Homer, 379 aviation jobs in Battle Creek. Our economy has a long way to go. That's why in Congress Mark Schauer will keep fighting to turn Michigan around, one job at a time.

I'm Mark Schauer and I approved this message.