Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain Campaign Afraid of the Real Issues That Concern Voters

So come out and say that in an ad, right now. We seem to get a new ad a day anyway. McCain is "afraid" to talk about the problems that concern the average voter - the economy, education, health care, the war(s). They won't, can't, talk about the real issues of this election because they will be outed as holding "more of the same" Bush plans and policy that got us to this point, and they know it, so they will continue on with the diversions and hope the media keeps playing their lipstick games.

"Republicans are afraid to talk about real issues". Use it. "Afraid." It's a forward pass, a blow that lands, because it's an honest assessment of the situation.

Need to boil the sentiments of the following clip down to a 30-second ad and play it over and over and over... just watch.

Takes the wind out of all the swift-boat attacks to come. Every time this bullshit happens, answer with, "There he goes again. McCain is afraid to talk about the real issues." Start stealing their words, God knows they have stole enough from us.

Put some offense to go along with the defense. Call him "chicken". Put them on their heels. Make them answer a charge for a change.

And use the truth. It will work.

My two cents on what is happening here today, because quite frankly, I don't see how I can stomach two more months of this childish nonsense. I say all this in some desperate attempt to preserve my own sanity, not trying to second guess the campaign. Just want to see a little offense from the team.