Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain Protest in Grand Rapids

WOOD is reporting 400 protesters tonight. I'm not sure if there were that many, but I guess I will take their word for it. The crowd was spread out along the steep hill in front of GRCC's Ford Fieldhouse and kept growing as the day went on....

Outsource McCain

More pics below - or just go right to the Flickr set to see them all.

For All of Us

Very boisterous - cheering at the honking cars, chanting at the Pubs waiting to get in across the street...

Pubs Look On

... who brought their issues on signs as well.


Guess we know what is really important now, don't we? Sure we do. The "I Am Proud To Be Voting For The Hot Chick" buttons gave it away. I really wish I was kidding about that.

Turtle Power Pete Hoekstra

Turtle Power Pete makes an appearance. Was hoping to see Dick DeVos. No, seriously, I was. Instead I saw Wayne Kuipers, Jerry Zandstra and (pretty sure it was) Pete Secchia. But no Dick. Maybe next time.

Lots of good protest though. Proud of my little town.

What Economy?