Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Michigan Voters Overwhelmingly Support Energy Reform Package

"There is one man standing in the way of job creation... His name is Mike Bishop" - Jennifer Granholm, taking a swing at the Senate's top dog for allegedly holding up the energy package, MIRS, 8/22.

"We are interested in mitigating costs for the consumers. I think the people who have to pay the bills will appreciate that instead of just jamming something through so she can have her little trophy at the convention" - Matt Marsden, same day, revealing that Republicans were more interested in denying Democrats a political victory than they were in creating jobs for Michigan.

Her little trophy? Well Matt, seems the people of Michigan want that "trophy" too, and you are denying it to them. New poll shows that they really like this energy package. A lot. But, they don't like you. And that's a problem. Or, it would be, if you actually had a conscience.

A new poll shows 83 percent of Michigan voters support the bipartisan energy reform package now before the state Legislature, which will provide Michigan with an energy plan for the 21st century.

What's more, 86 percent said they would be much more likely to vote for a lawmaker who supported and voted for such a comprehensive plan, according to the poll by TargetPoint Consulting.

Seventy-two percent of Michigan voters said the state has major energy problems, and even more - 83 percent - say politicians in Lansing need to get working on a solution.

"Michigan citizens are concerned about the cost and availability of energy, that's clear," said Rich Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Michigan Jobs and Energy Coalition. "Moreover, they want lawmakers to do something about it - now."

The poll of 500 registered Michigan voters was conducted Aug. 22-25 by the Alexandria, Va.-based TargetPoint Consulting. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Here are the numbers on the three main components - and keep in mind the these are the things that the Senate Republicans screwed up back in June during their latest late-night robbery. Now, why would they go and do that when people overwhelmingly support these issues? Oh yeah, they didn't want someone to have a "trophy".


-- 83% approve to 12% disapprove: Creating the Michigan Energy Efficiency Program to help customers to reduce their electricity use.


-- 83% approve to 13% disapprove: Providing new incentives to Michigan's electric power companies to use the latest clean energy technology available in their new power plants.


-- 83% approve to 14% disapprove: Requiring all of Michigan's electric power companies to generate 10% of their electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar or other alternative energy sources by the year 2015.

Uh oh. Looks like Big Trouble in Obstruction Town. The voters are onto your game Matt, and it's going to be hard to put lipstick on Mike Bishop now.

-- While Michigan voters are critical of the performance of both political parties, they are significantly more critical of the Republican than Democrat lawmakers in Lansing.

So what does the Senate do? Screw around some more. THAT will make the voters happy. MIRS tonight -

What's clear at this point is that the bills aren't likely to move this week, and probably not next week, but could move the third and final week that the legislature is in session this month.

And Gongwer says maybe tomorrow, but who knows at this point. Marsden probably isn't done thinking of cute and condescending little quips to spout to the media yet. Perhaps we can drive those disapproval numbers a little lower before this is all over.