Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Epic Poll Shows 10 Point Obama Lead in Michigan

Holy sh*t! 48-38!

Just last week, Epic showed 43-42 Obama.

Barack Obama has opened a 10-point lead over John McCain in the latest presidential poll of Michigan voters by EPIC-MRA.

The poll, conducted for WOOD TV8 and our broadcast partners across the state, showed 48% of voters prefer Obama to McCain's 38%. Ralph Nader is supported by 2% and Libertarian Bob Barr polls 1%.

The economy dominated respondents concerns, with 88% very or somewhat concerned about the effect the financial instability will have on the country and its banking institutions.

And aren't we the pessimistic bunch-

Because of the recent economic events, 61% believe it's very or somewhat likely the US will suffer another Great Depression.

Mirroring the overall numbers, respondents said Obama, by a 42-32 margin, has a plan for the economy that more closely reflects their views.

Complete poll details here.

Amazing jump for one week.