Friday, September 12, 2008

Rasmussen Michigan Poll: McCain Favorables Continue to Fall

Obama is doing something right here in Michigan. Or McCain is doing something wrong. One of the two. Whatever it is, it should be watched, studied, and applied across the country.

New poll numbers from Rasmussen -

Michigan has cast its votes for the Democratic presidential candidate in four straight elections, and Barack Obama is trying to extend that streak. He currently holds a five point advantage--51% to 46%--over John McCain in this important battleground state.

Those figures are little changed from a month ago when Obama held a 49% to 45% lead (with leaners).

So that is basically the same, nice to hit the 50% mark - but look at what is happening with "favorability".

Obama is now viewed favorably by 58% of Michigan voters, up from 54% a month ago.

McCain’s favorability rating continues to fall. It's now at 52%, down from 54% a month ago and 60% in July.

What is going on here that is working in Obama's favor? You can point at many different things - but one stat jumps out. It's still the economy, stupid, and people are ready for a change from Republican "more tax cuts for the rich" economic policies.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Michigan voters say the economy is the top issue of Election 2008. Just 21% see national security issues as the highest priority.

This is where Democrats can win. Will win. If it comes down to the economy, we win.

Unless you might have some other theories as to what is going on here. If so, do tell, because people are turning off of McCain, and we need to keep on doin' whatever it is we are doin' and keep that trend intact.