Friday, September 26, 2008

RPS Already Attracting New Wind Business to Thumb


RES Americas, who has "either developed or constructed over 12% of the installed capacity in the United States" since 1997, has an interest in developing wind power in the Thumb area - but they don't want to talk too much because the competition might catch on.

Bryan Starry, development manager with RES, said his company is in negotiations with landowners to site two wind-measuring towers and a number of turbines in four to five townships in the county.

Starry declined to get more specific, because of increased competition created by the recent passage of a renewable portfolio standard, or RPS.

"We've been working in the state for almost a year now," in anticipation of an RPS, he said.

"It definitely creates a little bit more of a market for everybody."

"Everybody" is on the way. Noble Environmental Power is already constructing a wind farm near Ubly (check the picture of the turbine blade in the picture in that story), Heritage Sustainable Energy out of Traverse City has 40,000 acres leased and is installing towers, and Huron County officials dropped the name of DTE, who promised us big investment in the first place.

Russ Lundberg, Huron County building and zoning director, said he's heard from DTE Energy officials, who also have land under lease for windmills, since passage of the RPS.

"Statewide, I think things will pop a little quicker now because there's a future," Lundberg said.

Yes. Of course they will. Just like we said many, many months ago... hey, someone get Bishop on the phone, willya? He needs to hear about this.