Thursday, May 29, 2008

Run Brooks Run!

What I would give to have L. Brooks shooting off his big mouth at other Republicans, especially DeVos. So, so sweet and comical that would be.

It's an interesting rumor coming from an interesting place. The rumors are stemming from the Detroit Regional Chamber, quietly asking media outlets and polling groups to start including Patterson in future polls on the governor's race.

Elected to executive in 1992, Patterson would face the "age issue" at 69 years old. He may also face a money issue if deep-pocketed Dick DeVos takes another run at the top job.

69? Pffft. That is young, unless you want to concede that McCain is too old for the presidency. And Patterson can raise the money. He brags about his connections with business all the time.

C'mon Brooksie, get in the game! You know you want to!

(For the record, I think this is just wishful thinking on the part of the DRC. And myself.)