Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walberg Votes Against Protecting Consumers From Abusive Credit Card Practices

Here is a fine example of how the Bush Republicans are going to continue to behave when it comes to helping the average consumer. We can hand big wads of cash over to Wall Street to help with their "credit crisis", but when it comes to helping you receive a little relief from abusive credit card practices? Not so much.

From the DCCC-

In the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Representative Tim Walberg today signaled that help is on the way – for the credit card companies. By opposing a credit card holders' bill of rights, Representative Walberg proved his willingness to continue the same Bush-McCain 'anything goes' attitude of lax regulations that created the current economic crisis, rather than put families first.

"While we're facing an economic crisis and Washington is talking about bailing out Wall Street, Representative Tim Walberg made his priorities clear by refusing to help families struggling with credit card debt," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Representative Walberg sent a clear message that families struggling with mounting credit card debt, excessive fees, and high interest rates are on their own because abusive credit card companies come first."

And don't you forget it.

I keep hearing "now is not the time for politics". I beg to differ. This is exactly the time for politics. Americans need to know who is on their side in this mess - and I guess we can count Tim Walberg out.

Looks like these protections will have to wait until the new administration comes into power, but for now you can check out the vote in the House here and make your plans accordingly.