Friday, October 24, 2008

Michigan Republican Using Obama Sign in Campaign Literature

Check out the mail I received from Dan "Not Really a Republican" Tietema, running for House in the 75th District-

Looks like someone ran up, put the sign in the ground (but not too close!) and took the picture - because it's going to be the very rare duck that would vote for Obama and then turn around and vote for an extremist right-wing Republican like Tietema. Dan doesn't want you to know that he is a Republican though - you won't find the word anywhere on this literature in connection with him. Oh no, not Dan, he's "independent thinking". You can tell he will put "politics as usual aside" by the way he repeatedly bashes Granholm. Certainly no Republican thought to do that this year. What a maverick!

Too bad a recent debate with my current Rep. Robert Dean revealed that Tietema is just another slash and burn Republican, spouting the same tired rhetoric...

If elected, Tietema said he would fight for a part-time Legislature, lower taxes and seek broad cuts in state spending.

Uh huh. And he also supports Right to Work laws. My, how original.

Strangely enough though, on his literature, he says that he would "bring more dollars to the classroom" and supports "access to affordable health care". Wonder how he plans to do that when he also wants "broad cuts in state spending". Hmmmm.

Tietema wants you to get out and "join the national and local movement for change", but unfortunately for Dan, he's just another Bush Republican and represents the kind of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place.

A wolf in Obama clothing, stealing buzzwords and popular signs to try and sneak in on the blue wave. Don't let it fool you.