Friday, October 24, 2008

Michigan Supreme Court Race Tied

But only because of the substantial number of undecideds. Name recognition is a factor here, so let's get that name out there first of all...

Vote Hathaway for Supreme Court

... and then take a look at the numbers.

Of particular interest to political insiders is the state Supreme Court race. While the positions are technically nonpartisan, the parties nominate candidates, and Taylor, a staunch conservative, is a GOP nominee. He got support from just 19 percent of voters, tied with the Democratic nominee, Circuit Court Judge Diane Hathaway. Almost two-thirds of voters were undecided, making the last 12 days of the race, in which Taylor has a significant financial advantage and has been advertising heavily on TV, decisive.

This is EPIC, this is only 400 voters, but it is important to note. Hope we see some Hathaway advertising on the TeeVee soon.