Monday, October 20, 2008

Michigan Will Be "Second-Class Citizens in the Field of Biomedical Research"

Scientists at the U of M are telling it like it is. Both presidential candidates have indicated that they will loosen the federal restrictions on stem cell research - this IS going to happen. The only question now is: Will Michigan be left behind? Are we going to send top scientists, jobs, and research dollars to other states? Because that is what we are talking about if Prop 2 fails.

Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama have said they would loosen federal restrictions on embryonic stem cell research if elected, meaning the race for cures would certainly intensify.

If Proposal 2 fails and federal rules are eased, observers say researchers in Michigan -- one of the five most restrictive states -- would be hampered at a time when researchers in other states would have more freedom.

"We would be deemed as second-class citizens in the field of biomedical research," said Doug Engel, chair of U-M 's Cell and Development Biology Department. "All of the medical institutions in Michigan could give up on this research."

And no, no one is going to create "cow people". Don't let the crazies fool you; they are only hiding their anti-choice agenda behind some really, really bizarre claims. Thankfully they are so far-fetched that it's highly doubtful that anyone will believe them. Right?

Here, as promised, is the new ad from Cure Michigan.

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